Corporate Info

Company Name
Okinawa Enetech Co., Inc
5-2-1, Makiminato, Urasoe City, Okinawa, Japan 9012131
Date Of Foundation
10th May, 1994
Number of Employees
63(as of Jul 1, 2015)
Board Members
Board Chairman (Non-Executive) Kaoru Shimabukuro
President Sunao Tamaki
Managing Director Tadashi Tsukayama
Managing Director Sadao Asato
Director Shinko Uehara
Director(Non-Executive) Tetsu Yokoda
Auditor(Non-Executive) Katsumi Yamashiro
Okinawa Electric Power Company, Incorporated
Okidenko Company, Incorporated
Okinawa Denki Kogyo Company, Incorporated
Okinawa Plant Kogyo Company, Incorporated
Okiden Kigyo Company, Incorporated
Okiden Kaihatsu Company, Incorporated
Okiden Global Systems Company, Incorporated
Bank Of Account
Bank of The Ryukyus, Ltd.
The Bank of Okinawa, Ltd.
The Okinawa Kaiho Bank, Ltd.
Contents of Business
1.Survey, design and supervision of electric power generation, transmission, substation, distribution, and relevant telecommunication utility construction.
2.Survey, design and supervision of facility/infrastructure construction which includes civil engineering.
3.Environmental and geological research and site Survey.
4.Environmental measurement certification services.
5.Surveying, planning, designing and consulting on regional, industrial, economic and social development domestically and abroad